by Miranda Arieh

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When I'm visiting places that I've seen in my dreams, and my thoughts over taken by some un-forgotten scene
When I'm high and it's flowing
When I cry and it's showing
When I lie that I'm knowing that I'm paying the fee
When I'm lacking the process before self control and all that's done's been forgotten- when your life's just a hole
and the tears of your mother they light up your goal hey and you're the rock to the bottom where we all fall down
When I'm low but I'm willing
When I'm cold 'cause I'm just chilling
And I'm in debt with a villain and your shallow big gun
'Cause you're so damn young
Are you ready for the countdown? Said I'm ready to go down and out. Are you ready for the countdown, I'm your brother I'm a down and out.

So see the side steps a swish from your swollen middle 'cause it's awfully filling (when your partner is willing)
And sworn to the masses that you've found a cure to the unspoken problems that suffer us all
You got it all figured out what's gone in must come out and the pressure is on and so I calm down
This makes me feel like I'm in my own world and the portrait that's spun in a web of the dreams of you young girls
You young girls
Are you ready for the countdown?

Hey and I was doting- plain soaking in it, I was barely coping but here's hoping there's an end tonight to start something
Plain nothing's alright though so I'll go get my coat on- right?
And as I'm toking and talking you're taking your time and baby I was just plain hoping that I was just doting around
And I was in a state - in with love and out with hate... Plain forgetful- that's an order to ya
And it's much harder than you think when you're living on the brink of some patented word that's been spun flung and hurled
At you young young girls
Are you ready for the countdown?
Said I'm ready to go down and out
Are you ready for the countdown
Hey I'm your mother and I'm your brother and I'm a down and out


released March 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Miranda Arieh Leeds, UK

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