by Miranda Arieh

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Captured, sits a woman who has been told time and time again, in several different guises, to keep quiet and not speak out.

By the end 100 years has passed and she has so much wisdom to offer yet she still hasn't had the chance to share it.

She starts her own rebellion. Nobody owns her.

She is interrogated by 'the silencer' when the knowledge she possesses is finally seen to be of value.

She then makes the choice not to speak at all and withold everything, taking back the power..

And we can wonder, what did she have to say that we didn't benefit from because we silenced her all this time..?


"Old again and late again with a sunstep in my eye,
I laid it out the same way twice but it's yet to escape my mind.
I'm calling out the way it moves by latching on the crowd,
I thought I heard you say to me "Make sure you don't talk out loud."
So I kept quiet
In the hope
That some broad change was bound to come
And I was let down
When I found out
You were just riding on my back.
All the way down.

Old again and late again now I haven't talked for 15 years,
I thought it would make sense to let the world seep in my ears,
And I'm listening to something
But I chose to be a liar
And no body owns me
So I'll set fire to this fire
Makes me feel good
In the promise of a taste that needed tasting,
Only on the premise that it's only your time
That I've been wasting

Old again and late again and now I've lost 100 years,
It seems the time's been passing like I've been presented with one of those ideas, that lies pregnant with meaning,
It's a deal that needed sealing,
And it's gonna take a tonnes of getting used to
But I am one of those who knows how to make do.
And I'm on the deck, and it's lain on grass,
No path does come by here.
And I'm alone again so I'll wait again for another 100 years

'Til I step down from the promise that I'd taste what needed tasting,
Only on the premise that it's only your time
That I've been wasting..."


released June 13, 2016
Songwriter Miranda Arieh
Production/arrangement Choque Hosein/Aid Todd



all rights reserved


Miranda Arieh Leeds, UK

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